Whiter Teeth in 60 Seconds!

Hey guys either check out my video on how I whiten my teeth or keep reading to find out my process! PRODUCTS: 1. Tooth brush 2. Toothpaste 3. Activated Charcoal Capsules (which you can find at any vitamin store, I got mine at Vitamin World) METHOD: 1. Coat your toothbrush with a strip of toothpaste, not … Continue reading Whiter Teeth in 60 Seconds!

Why Contour??

I'm sure by now we have all heard of the ever- growing makeup technique "Contouring". I have had many people who ask me why they should even bother? What's the big deal?  Well the whole point in contouring is to define the angles of your face/ create angles you do not have. Contouring is more … Continue reading Why Contour??