DIY Rose Highlighter – Beauty and the Beast Inspired!

Craft with me, and make your own Flower Highlighter! DUPE for the new Lancome LA ROSE BLUSH HIGHLIGHTER.



My design was inspired by the Rose from Beauty and the Beast!
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Step 1. Buy everything you need (products w/links down below)

Step 2. Clean out the inside of box or glass jar. Clean the fake flower as best you can, I used a handheld vacuum to clean any dust off of mine.

Step 3. Using wire cutters cut the stem off of your flower, getting it as close to the follower as you can.  If the bottom of the flower has a cap over the stem, remove that after cutting most of the stem off; this will allow you to get right up to the flower. Then snip any excess stem off.

Step 4. Drop the flower into your container, making sure it’s sitting up straight.

Step 5. Take your loose shadow/ pigment and tap that onto the flower making sure to coat all the petals. I shook my jar a little to get the pigment to sink down a little further. Then applied more pigment to sit on top of the flower.

Step 6. Decorate to your pleasure!

Step 7. Highlight yo self and go! ✨😉


FAKE ROSE – I couldn’t find a link for the one I bought, but this one looks nice too!

GLASS JAR – same thing couldn’t find on the walmart website, but I’m pretty sure this is the exact same thing!


PEARL CHAIN – I’m having trouble finding links for all this stuff! Sorry! I definitely suggest trying to shop for this in person.
But here is a link for a regular pearl chain
But if you want a chain that has the “flat backs” like my pearls did, here is something similar, but they are crystals instead of pearls.

NYX PIGMENT – try “Brighten Up” for a vanilla glow – Fair to Medium Skintones

Try “Stunner” for Medium to Deep skintones (I haven’t seen this shade in person, but from pictures online it looks like it would work!)

Try “Kitchmas” for a metallic pink- mauve glow – All Skintones, but mainly Fair to Medium

Try “Tan” for a champagne glow – Medium to Deep Skin Tones

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