Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick: 1 Day, 1 Week Review

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So I feel like this foundation has been haunting me. Every YouTuber I watch, every description I read of someone’s makeup on Instagram I keep seeing the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. I decided that I wanted to try it out and put it to the test. This is going to be the first review of many in a series I’m gonna call :

1 Day, 1 Week Reviews



I will say I give this an A+ for the design. The Packaging is very sleek and makes it feel worth the money. The tube itself has some nice weight to it, which may sound unimportant, but actually feels really nice in the hand. The twist up and down is very smooth and I love the triangular shape this stick has. You do however get little product as the tube only comes with .25 oz, most foundations run around 1 fluid oz. The Price is $46 US Dollars.


Swiping this on, you instantly can tell it’s going to have good coverage. It swatches very creamily onto the skin, you get a nice glide and there is no tugging. The formula does provide coverage while feeling lightweight and comfortable at the same time. Lately foundations have been getting slick in my T- Zone after a few hours wear, however this one is holding up pretty well. I did notice that the formula seemed to be catching on my dry spots and is pretty noticeable and unattractive. It’s claimed to be a cream to powder finish and I would completely agree with that. The first time using the Vanish Sticks I primed my skin using MAC Fix+ and blended it out with the 170 Buffer Brush from MAC. It seemed to photograph nicely from far away, didn’t look extremely great up close. I also definitely grabbed the wrong shade hahah! They have a great shade range in this formula, I never find a shade lighter than what I am, but Hourglass has done it!

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DAY 2: So, it’s the end of day 2 and lemme tell you…. it is not going well. I primed with the Essential Oil Stick from MAC hoping the hydration from the oil will help the foundation to mesh better with my skin. I think the two products did not combine well AT ALL. Do not Pair! haha I used a buffer brush again, this time the 104 Buffer from Zoeva Cosmetics. Maybe this foundation needs a sponge… I exfoliated tonight, so hopefully this will help the foundation to lay smoother tomorrow.

DAY 3: Alright guys! I think I’m figuring out how to make this work! I wore the foundation for about 12 hours today and it definitely held up a lot better than the past two days. Today I prepped my skin with a very rich moisturizer to give my skin a lot of hydration. I used the Total Moisture from Benefit Cosmetics, and then misted some Fix+ on my face. I used my 104 Buffer from Zoeva to apply the foundation today, and set it with my Mineralize Skin Finish which I have been doing each day.

DAY 4: Today was even more successful! I prepped my skin the same way as yesterday, however today I blended the Vanish Stick out with a damp Beauty Blender. I think the Beauty Blender is definitely the best option so far with this foundation. It removes some of the excess product that was caking up around my nose the last few days. The sponge helped to soften the texture of the foundation and add a little more hydration to it, helping it to glide over my dry patches a lot more smoothly. It’s still not my favorite looking foundation though.

DAY 5: The Total Moisture Cream from Benefit has been working the best to prime my skin. I don’t typically go in with primers, I’m more of a moisturizer as a primer person, so keep that in mind when trying this out for yourself. If you do like primers then just make sure to put something on that will really hydrate and smooth any texture/ plump the skin. I don’t believe in the wear time that Hourglass allots to this foundation. They claim it has a 12 hour wear, I find that it’s more of a 5-7 hour wear time.

DAY 6: I’ve been using the same techniques, PREP w/ Total Moisture, Blend out w/ Dampened Beauty Blender. I’ve started setting my face with my Ben Nye Translucent Powder and that gives the foundation a really nice texture. Still cakes up a little around my nose. I don’t hate the look of the foundation, but I don’t love it either.

DAY 7: I found that My Day 6 looked the best, so I did the same routine today. I did avoid a lot of powder around my nose to help keep it from caking up with too much product. I definitely prefer my Studio Fix for a full coverage look over this.


After a few tries I did figure out how to make this foundation look nice, however I will not repurchase. I felt like it added some texture to my skin, and broke down throughout the day. Once I used more moisturizing agents underneath it definitely sat smoother. The price is $46.00, which is just too expensive for the amount of product you get. I’ve used mine for only a week and have gone through a good amount already; and if I’m gonna be paying that much money for a foundation I expect it to make my skin flawless! *snaps finger* Everyone’s skin is different and I know a lot of people like this foundation, so you can always try it out for yourself. However this is a definite PASS for me; it just didn’t live up to the hype.

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